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How forms should be done in Zend Framework 2/3

Zend Forms are great and flexible, however, even the official documentation does not show how to make them properly. Too many times had I seen people having trouble creating simple forms or form elements. As the documentation is lacking and the number of real world examples on the Internet is scarce, I have released a Zend Framework 3 playground app.

Currently it contains a form, which contains other elements like:

  • simple e-mail input
  • csrf hidden input
  • a fieldset with a fieldset
  • a dropdown with dynamically populated values
  • a dedicated Select2 dropdown

There are a number of comments in the code where I explain what’s going on under the hood.

The app is Docker based and easy to run with a couple of simple commands. I published it at Github recently. Just head over to and have fun. I plan on extending the form with more elements so stay tuned.

Written on August 22, 2017